Free Community Events at ODSC East 2019


ODSC West is getting closer! We want to invite you to participate in ODSC West’s Webinar Warm-Up. We are bringing 5 new speakers from our ODSC West Conference to present 30 minutes sessions.

Matthew Rubashkin, Ph.D. AI Program Director at Insight Data Science: Building an image search service from scratch
– Michael Mahoney, Ph.D. – Matrix Algorithms at Scale: Randomization and using Alchemist to bridge the Spark-MPI gap
– George Williams, Director of Data Science at GSI Technology, Inc: Visual Search: The Next Frontier of Search
– Joshua Cook, Curriculum Developer at Databricks: Engineering for Data Science
– Nisha Talagala, CTO/VP of Engineering at ParallelM: Bringing Your Machine Learning and Deep Learning Algorithms to Life: From Experiments to Production Use

Career Fair

  • Location: Regency AB, Hyness Convention Center
  • Date: November 3rd
  • Time: 10:30 am to 4:30 pm

Join us for one of the largest data science career fairs of 2018.  We have many of the top companies hiring including Amazon, Google, IBM, DataRobot, and many many more.

Hear companies pitch job openings and why you might be the perfect fit. Attend our career fair chat face to face with hiring representatives from top data science companies. Bring a copy of your resume to showcase your skillset. Free Registration is required. 

Data Science Solution Showcase

Machine intelligence and data science are at the heart of some of the world’s most dynamic and exciting products and services. Out Solution Showcase Expo gives you direct access and exposure to some of the leading platforms in the field.

See first hand the platforms, product, and services that are powering artificial intelligence in the enterprise and opening new business opportunities

Access: Included in an ODSC Pass. For others Free Registration is required. Check here to apply to attend.

AI Investors Reverse Pitch

Wednesday, October 31st ~ Room: Grand Peninsula E, 6:15 pm – 7:15 pm, Hyatt Regency Airport

VC investments in AI doubled to $12b in 2017 and in 2018 there have been over $40b invested in AI startups worldwide. Hear top investment firms & VCs seeking AI and Data Science Startups describe what startup fits their portfolio and what are they looking for when investing. Artificial Intelligence and Data Science startups and in hot demand from investors. Hear from top investment firms seeking AI and Data Science Startups. This is a free event open to all attendees and the local community. 

Then you can introduce yourself if your startup is a fit. The Reverse Pitch is a free event open to all Accelerate AI attendees and the local community.

Access: Included in an ODSC Pass. For others Free Registration is required.

Confirmed investors include:

  • Pavel Cherkashin – Managing Partner at GVA Capital
  • Kevin Deneen – Senior Associate at Aster Capital
  • Samiron Ray – Principal at Comet Labs
  • Shesh S – Investor & Director of Technology and Corporate Strategy at GK Telekom
  • More investors coming soon…
David Ng
David Ng


B Capital Group

Pavel Cherkashin
Pavel Cherkashin

Managing Director

GVA Capital

Kevin Deneen
Kevin Deneen

Senoir Associate

Aster Capital

Samiron Ray
Samiron Ray



Shesh S
Shesh S


SK Telecom

Yigit Ihlamur
Yigit Ihlamur


Vela Partners


Are you a fan of Meetup and want to connect with the Data Science Meetup Community then this is an ideal evening event.

  • Isaac Reyes, TEDx Speaker, Founder and Data Science Lead at DataSeer
  • Brianna Schuyler, PhD, Data Scientist at Fenix International
  • Daniel Riek, Sr,. Director Artificial Intelligence at Red Hat

Schedule: Thursday, November 1st 6:15 pm to 8:15 pm. Location: Grand Peninsula E 

Check the app schedule for details on time and location. Open to ODSC Pass holders. For others Free Registration is required. Check here for more info