AI Solution Showcase Expo Hall

Largest AI Solution Showcase in the Industry
The ODSC East 2019 Solution Showcase Expo Hall is the perfect place to showcase your brand, solutions, products, and services to thousands of qualified buyers and influencers.
Our Solution Showcase Expo Hall will be the largest dedicated applied data science expo of 2019.
Showcase to Decision Makers and Influencers

Meet with thousands of professional

  • Team Leads, Data Scientists, Senior Managers  – 42%
  • Software & Data Engineers – 27%
  • CXOs, VPs, Tech Leads, and Directors  – 17%

Demonstrate how your product or service stands out in a crowded market. Help our attendees understand key functionality and build vs. buy decisions.   

Expo Hall Open to General Public + ODSC Delegates

Our ODSC East Solution Showcase will be one of the largest data science expo halls of 2019. It offers the ideal opportunity to network with the wider data science community–locally, nationally, and globally.

The Expo Hall is open to both ODSC attendees and the general public.

Companies in Attendance
Booth Limit
Or More Average Meetings

Expo Hall

  • Over 7,000 attendees over 2 full days
  • Excellent options to maximize your brand exposure
  • Exclusive Accelerate AI for Business Executive and Managers
  • 90% of our attendees work in industry 
  • Set up meetings in advance with qualified leads

Engage our Attendees

  • Room for over 70 booths ranging from 10 x 8 feet to 20 x 20 feet.
  • 70% of attendees traveling (national and international)
  • Steady booth flow; host all coffee, lunch, and networking events in the exhibit hall.
  • Dedicated stages at the Expo hall throughout 2 full days specifically designed for our partners to showcase their solution over a full demo partner session.
  • Demonstrate how your portfolio products or services could optimize existing business processes for a target audience.

Completely New Approach

ODSC East 2019 - Key Numbers

The Open Data Science Conference has achieved phenomenal growth and ODSC East 2019 will be one of our largest yet, attracting over 5,000 attendees and 1,000+ Expo delegates from across the country and the globe.

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   Valohai                                  DataKitchen
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Companies Represented at Previous ODSC Conferences

As an applied data science event, each ODSC conference, and co-located Accelerate AI business summit, attracts professionals including data scientists, software engineers, analysts, managers, and CxOs from many companies across industry.  Here are some of the attending companies from 2017.

See Who Attended ODSC East 2018

Event Partners

Hear firsthand what Microsoft, DataRobot, Crowdflower and others have to say about the benefits of partnering with ODSC

2O19 ODSC and Accelerate AI Business Conference Series

~14,500+ attendees across all events in 2018

ODSC connects you to the world’s largest community of practicing data scientists, AI experts, and industry executives. Our data science conferences in Boston, San Francisco, London, and other locations attract thousands of data science attendees. Our co-located CxO Summit and AI Expo are magnets for top executives from some of the world’s largest companies seeking solutions.




We were very impressed with both the size and quality of the event. We were pleased with the unique booth setup ODSC provided, which gave us direct access to delegates. We look forward to the next event!

Data Robot

As an exhibitor, ODSC-East far exceeded our expectations in terms of the quality of attendee and return on marketing investment. We left with six potential proof of concept candidates and had many more qualified leads than from other industry events. We will definitely be returning!

LexisNexis Risk Solutions

We had an exceptional time meeting potential clients, learning about new platforms, and sharing ideas with other stars of Big Data. The conference was world class and the opportunities that we gathered were invaluable to our company.

SFL Scientific

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