ODSC East 2019 Pre-Conference Ambassadors

Applications are now open!

The ODSC Ambassador program

ODSC volunteers are an integral part of the success of each ODSC conference.  As such they are an extension of our core team and act as ambassadors to our community. 

Our Ambassadorial program is a great way get involved in ODSC – one of the largest conferences and communities of artificial intelligence and data scientists experts worldwide.

Our pre-conference volunteers will work together with our event, speaker and community partner teams to help us organize ODSC East 2019!

Program Benefits

Gain valuable experience working with the ODSC team to help organize East 2019

Network with some of the best and brightest minds in the  Data Science and Artificial Intelligence community

Become a valued part of the ODSC community and connect with an incredibly motivated group of Data Science enthusiasts

Engage with related community partners that are part an integral of the data science and artificial intelligence ecosystem

Program Rewards

  • Free ODSC Conference Pass. 

  • Help shape our agenda and our event by contribution to our speaker lineup, planning extra event and growing our community

  • Network with some of the best and brightest minds in the Data Science and Artificial Intelligence community

  • Continued education in Data Science and AI topics

  • And even if we say it ourselves – it’s fun!

  • Add a volunteer opportunity to your professional experience in a fast-growing company

  • Participate in the creation of one of the largest data science and AI events of the world