“ODSC has become a must-go event in Data Science and Machine Learning, as it continuously strives to deliver a smooth event, while improving the content of its programs and quality of its speakers to deliver value to a diverse set of attendees.”

kdnuggets.com @ ODSC West, 2017

 Build the Workforce Shaping Your Company’s Future

The Predictions

  • Gartner predicts that in less than 2 years AI will be a top five investment priority for CIOs

“Artificial intelligence is poised to unleash the next wave of digital disruption, and companies should prepare for it now.”

MGI-Artificial-Intelligence-Discussion-paper , 6-2017

Help Your Team Build the Skills of the Future

  • In our 2017 survey of data scientists, 779 out of 860 ranked “Having more time to study data science models, tools, or languages” as important to very important
  • A further 74.2% (638 out of 660 respondents)  ranked “Getting paid time off work to increase my knowledge of data science” as important to very important

Key Reasons to Send Your Team


We are an applied conference focused on real- world solutions. All our sessions are presented by top experts in the field from the most innovative companies on the planet


Events like Meet the Expert, Meet the Speaker, book signings, and presentations are designed to give your team maximum exposure to query our experts for insights on Data Science, AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and more


Our generous group pricing, combined with the highest quality content, ensures you get excellent ROI on your investment


Attending an ODSC conference can inspire, motivate, and propel your team to even greater heights on strategically important data science and AI projects


Expand your company’s network with speakers, contributors, thought leaders, and attendees from hundreds of innovative companies and institutions doing incredible work moving the field forward

Key Numbers

ODSC East 2018 offers an entirely new program of content in applied data science. Here are some key numbers for East 2018

Group Discounts for Company Teams

ODSC offers generous discounts for groups of attendees, ensuring an unparalleled experience at excellent value. Please see our group registration below or contact us to learn more

Data Science Team Leads and Managers – Key Reasons to Attend

  • Give your hardworking team breathing room to catch up on and learn the latest data science languages, tools, and platforms

  • Provide the space to exchange project ideas and knowledge outside the office

  • Allow your team to be inspired and motivated by the latest trends in machine learning, deep learning, and more

  • Get  your team excited to apply news ideas, platforms, and data science concepts to their work projects

  • Motivate your team to continue their journey to improve their data science skills

Business Leaders and Managers – AI is the Future Business

  • Data science and AI will impact the entire enterprise, including marketing, sales, HR, product management, and more

  • Have your business team learn first-hand the challenges and opportunities presented by AI, and gain skills needs for success

  • Prepare your company’s leaders and business professionals with our dedicated, non-technical sessions on Innovation in AI and Business to bridge the gap between data science and business

  • Network with over 1,500 companies attending ODSC East that are employing AI and data science in the real world

ODSC East 2019 | April 30 - May 3


Companies Attending at Previous ODSC Conferences

A few of our over 200 Expert Speakers

Nitzan Mekel-Bobrov, PhD
Nitzan Mekel-Bobrov, PhD

Vice President of ML at Capital One

Andrew Casey
Andrew Casey

Head of Analytics at Google

Jennifer Prendki, PhD
Jennifer Prendki, PhD

Head of Data Science at Atlassian

Mike Tamir, PhD
Mike Tamir, PhD

Head of Data Science at Uber

Andreas Mueller, PhD
Andreas Mueller, PhD

Author and Lecturer

Core contributor to scikit-learn

Peter Wang
Peter Wang

Creator of Anaconda

Anaconda Inc.

Aedin Culhane, PhD
Aedin Culhane, PhD

Senior Research Scientist at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Allen Downey, PhD
Allen Downey, PhD

Author of Think Python, Think Stats, Think Bayes, and Think Complexity

Professor at Olin College

Maya Gupta, PhD
Maya Gupta, PhD

Machine Learning R & D Lead at Google

Max Kuhn, PhD
Max Kuhn, PhD

Core Contributor of R

Software Engineer at RStudio

Download our Attendee Guide for full details

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What a great #odsc weekend – I met many old and new #datascience friends @ToddCioffi @usamaf @KirkDBorne @JonCorey1


Making my #Bayesian Buddies envious, snagged last copy of #ThinkBayes, signed by @AllenDowney at #ODSC East ?