How to Find Qualified Candidates

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Step 1 – Job Postings

Creating a job posting allows employers to quickly find the best match for their job.  It also allows you to perform the same search multiple times with the click of a button.  This is the profile candidate will see once you initiate contact with them.

Create a Job Posting

  • Select Job Postings from right menu bar
  • Click “New Job Posting” Button
  • Complete all relevant fields including skills level for best match results
  • Click Save on your new job posting

Step 2 – Search Candidate Profiles

Once you have a job posting, searching for candidates is very easy.  You can search by one or many of the job postings you have created.  Additionally you can expand or refine you candidate search by adding additional skills or using additional filters such as salary, location, university, degree etc.

 Search Candidate Profiles

  • Select Search Candidate Profiles from right menu bar
  • Select a previously created Job Posting from the drop down menu
  • Add additional filters if you wish
  • Click the Search button to see a graph of matches
  • Candidates are ranked by score
  • Click on candidate name to view candidate profile

Step 3 – Candidate Review

Our candidate review page gives you comprehensive set of candidate details including skill levels, resume, linkedIn profiles etc.

Candidate Profile Review

  • Click on candidate name to view candidate profile
  • Candidates provide their linkedIn profile and other relevant links and details
  • Candidates skill that match you job profile skills are highlighted in green
  • The candidate’s full resume is provide at the bottom of the page

Step 4 – Contacting a Candidate

We provide a range of ways for contact a contact and keep track of one or many candidate profiles

Step 4: Contacting a Candidate

  • If you are interested in a Candidate click on the Save Profile button in Candidate Profile pages
  • If you wish to contact the candidate you can clink on the Send Candidate Job Description on the same page. The candidate will receive and email which includes the job profile and your contact details
  • Alternatively you may contact a candidate via the contact details they provided

Step 5 – Managing Active Candidates

The career servies platfrom allows you to track and save profiles of candidates you aree activly reviewing or considering.  In the Acrtive Profile page you can filter candidate by Job Posting, see they were contacted, revisit their profie 

Step 4: Manage Profiles

  • On the left side menu click on Active Candidates
  • Filter by job posting if necessary
  • Click on the candidate’s name to review their profile 
  • An email icon indicated you have sent them an email via the platfrom.
  • If the candidate is hired mark as hired or delete the profile if you wish