ODSC Grant Award

Are you an open source data science project/contributor or an AI startup?

There are lots of ways we can help

  • A $2,000, no string attached, grant to fund your project (awarded monthly)

  • Spread the word on your idea or project  to our community (200,000+ and growing)

  • Give you a exhibitor space to showcase and get leads at one of our conferences 

  • Host a Meetup of up to 250 attendees to help promote you project (we cover event and food costs)

  • Introductions to folks seeking bright minds like yours ( can’t put a price on that! )

  • Free tickets to ODSC to learn and network your socks off ( and see why we rock)

ODSC  Grant Award Details

We’ve teamed up with Hack/Reduce, a Cambridge MA, based 501(c)(3) non-profit to bring you the ODSC Grant Award.  Every month we plan to give away a $2,000 grant with no strings attached.  We want to help early-stage data scientists, open source data science project, core contributor or anything else that benefits the data science community.  

The grant may have gotten your attention but there are many other ways we can help that are even more valuable.  ODSC is one of the largest gatherings of data scientists on the planet with conferences in Boston, San Francisco, London, and other cities.  We also host one of the lastest online communities for AI and data science at 200,000+ and growing.  We can connect you and help you grow your project or startup in multiple ways and help get the word out. Tickets, exhibit booths, hackathons, Meetups, contacts, and blogging are some of the many ways we can help.

Join Us in Supporting the Data Science Community

We are seeking corporate sponsors in helping us on our mission to give back to the data science community.  Help us fund our ODSC Grant and other initiatives to make data science more accessible, accountable, and impactful.

Enquire how you can help here 

Open Data Science Awards

Open Source Data Science had been incredibly impactful. Among other benefits, it has eased the learning curve, made data science more accessible to all, and accelerated the adoption of data science in industry. 

Our first presentation of 2017 was awarded to scikit-learn at ODSC East in May 2017 and accepted by Andreas Mueller. Our second award of 2017 will be presented at ODSC West on November 3rd

Spring 2018 Nominations

Nominate your favorite open souce data science project or core contributor.  Winners will be announced at ODSC East 2018

Have a Data Science or an AI project ? Apply for ODSC grant

If you are an open source contributor, You can apply here for an Open source contributor grant.


If you have a new startup or startup idea, you can apply here for AI startup grant.