AI for Good: Bad Guys, Messy Data, & NLP

Abstract: All the information that is needed to find and stop bad actors from entering our financial system already exists and is available to you today; it’s just buried in terabits of messy, unstructured data all over the internet. For those performing investigations and evaluating risk, this needle in a stack of needles problem is huge and growing: Unstructured data already dominates the web (growing exponentially year over year), and the traditional technology these departments use cannot keep up. Recent developments in natural language processing technology (NLP), the field of AI that focuses on human language, have, for the first time, made it possible for automated systems to find and deliver identity-relevant intelligence hidden in unstructured textual data. These innovations unlock a new world of actionable insight, providing much-needed ammunition in the fight against fraud, money-laundering, financial crime, and terrorism.

Bio: Chris Mack is the visionary behind natural language processing (NLP) applications at Basis Technology. With decades of experience in AI, big data, and internet services, Chris is a hands-on technology leader who has a knack for spotting and accelerating trends long before they break out. In the early 90s, before the internet went mainstream, Chris was fascinated by the prospects of online communications and gaming. He started an ISP and spent the next few years convincing businesses that the internet was going to be important. It was. After selling his business, Chris saw the potential of internet-scale datasets and started work in what would later become known as “big data.” During this time, Chris delivered some of the first predictive analytics solutions deployed by major firms like Staples, the NFL, and American Airlines.
Now at Basis Technology, Chris is on the cutting edge again: building NLP products that help public and private organizations find critical intelligence hidden in human-generated data.