AI Infrastructure and Supporting the Rise of Data Science

Abstract: The rise of data science is often attributed to the exponential growth of data, whether structured or unstructured. While likely true, it is also true that the supporting AI infrastructure has enabled not only the growth of the data but also has become critical to extracting the value from the data explosion.The industry leaders NVIDIA, WekaIO and Western Digital will each bring their perspective to the importance of AI infrastructure to data science. Whether you are a data scientist, IT professional, or C-level decision maker you will learn how thoughtful AI infrastructure can accelerate your time to insight, time to value and increase profit for your business. You will take away techniques to overcome common challenges and barriers to successful data science in development and in production. Come ready with your questions for the panel to help accelerate your data science.

Bio: Darrin Johnson is a passionate technologist in software and hardware engineering including system software, scientific, AI and cloud computing. He has proven track record of delivering innovative technology/products/solutions, and has demonstrated mastery of numerous technologies including kernel, networking, filesystems, storage, security, cloud computing, etc. His latest mission is to show AI and Deep Learning as an enabler for innovation across industries and how AI infrastructure is a key to making that innovation happen.