AI to revolutionize child behavioral diagnostics and therapeutics

Abstract: Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing many industries from manufacturing to automated driving, and the healthcare industry, though relatively recent to penetrate, is no exception. But diagnostics and therapeutics of child behavioral conditions like autism, ADHD, and language disorders remain relatively behind. This is unfortunate because early detection of such disorders is proven to improve the prospects of affected children dramatically. It also happens to be a healthcare context where there is a significant unmet need for streamlining and scalability of services.

We discuss the potential of artificial intelligence to disrupt that domain and talk about specific artificial intelligence techniques, challenges, and outcomes of experiments that have been applied successfully in practice.

We present the challenges, solutions, insights, and validation results of our user-facing solution that screens for autism and ADHD by combining multiple predictors based on various media inputs while allowing for inconclusive determination on hard-to-screen subjects. We will talk about incorporating signal from parental questionnaires, expert analysis of short video uploads, as well as short doctor questionnaires. We will get into leveraging automatable, complementary signals like audio-video streams from interactive storytelling and gaming sessions on tablets and mobile phones. Finally, we will explore the potential of deep learning to help with this problem-setting.

This talk is intended to raise awareness of the potential benefit of applying AI to the field of healthcare in general and child behavioral diagnostics in particular, and share with the audience a concrete example of a context where proper application of artificial intelligence has yielded demonstrably superior results to the traditional standard of practice.

Bio: Halim is a high tech innovator who spearheaded world-class data science projects at game changing techs like eBay and Teradata. Formally educated in Machine Learning, his professional expertise span Information Retrieval, Natural Language Processing, and Big Data. Halim has a proven track record of applying state of the art data science techniques across industry verticals such as eCommerce, web & mobile services, airline, BioPharma, and the medical technology industry. He currently leads the AI department at Cognoa, a data driven behavioral healthcare startup in Palo Alto.