Blockchain + AI : Practical Experience

Abstract: Blockchain has the potential to solve many common, chronic challenges including: multiple sources-of-truth, disjointed processes, expensive conflict-resolutions, lack of transparency and little party collaboration. Blockchain has shown promise to be utilized in the areas of track-traces, longitudinal data sharing, and digital asset management. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been utilized to solve other challenging problems by processing complex and heavy computations, gleaning insights into customers business interests in real-time, and automating many complex manual business processes. The optimal solution to the aforementioned problems is not an “either or” decision between Blockchain and AI, but rather an implementation of both of these emerging technologies in conjunction with one another.

Interestingly, AI and Blockchain sit on opposite sides of the emerging technology spectrum with AI promoting centralized intelligence on closed data platforms. While Blockchain promotes utilizing decentralized applications in a transparent and auditable environment. If we were able to find a responsible way to make them work together, the potential positive effects could be amplified.

In this talk, Dr. Ayubi will explain –based on multiple real project experience– why and when this convergence makes sense, how to do it, what challenges may emerge, and its use cases in the healthcare and life sciences area.

Bio: Coming soon!