Data Art: Seeing the Future

Abstract: Horizons in data science—big data, networks, machine learning—all necessitate innovation in the field of visualization. As the field of data science evolves, the field of "data art" is emerging and responding to this new landscape. There is growing potential to leverage artistic insight to capture the humanity of data; to engage with the maker movement through data physicalization; and to dream beyond two dimensions by involving artists of all mediums. This added perspective can aid researchers in better understanding their data, and can be a powerful way to engage customers and the public in discussions about data science.

Bio: Jane Adams is the resident Data Visualization Artist at the University of Vermont Complex Systems Center in Burlington, VT, in partnership with the Data Science team at MassMutual Life Insurance. Adams collaborates with fellow researchers to make complex, temporally dynamic networks comprehensible through engaging, interactive visualizations. In her personal time, she builds interactive aquaponic ecosystems, generates digital data paintings of musical scores, and illustrates cartoon graphs inspired by the world around her. She is a community organizer with Vermont Women in Machine Learning & Data Science (VT WiMLDS) and an advocate for extradisciplinary inquiry. Stay in touch on Twitter @artistjaneadams