Data Driven Websites: Building Interactive Webpages using Bokeh & Flask

Abstract: Our analyses are only as useful as they are seen and understood, which is why so many good data scientists talk about telling a story with data. You may find yourself in a position where you need to share your work with others publicly without the benefit of expensive dashboarding packages or a glitzy corporate website. With moderate python development skills, you can turn your analyses into impressive public dashboards using Flask and Bokeh.

This hands-on workshop will take you from data to website with multiple interactive charts and graphs on a two-page website 100% in python. Templates for the base HTML & CSS will be provided, so you can focus on learning how to build dynamic and interactive visualizations to tell your story. You should have a solid base understanding of python (data types, control flows and functions) but extensive data science experience is not necessary.

Bio: Bethany is a data scientist, an instructor and a passionate experiential learner. Having started her career as an artist and educator, she is committed data driven story-telling and the appropriate use of graphs.