Data Science for Risk Mitigation in a Global Economy

Abstract: The opportunities are endless in the global economy. However, monetizing data analytics in the global space is like a free fall, hoping to have a parachute when landing. To succeed, you need a solid data science strategy that can be deployed across multiple geographies, each with unique business risk factors.

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions is well-established in helping companies mitigate financial risk and has been quite successful across global markets. Prabhu Sadasivam, leader of Analytic Technology, discusses how LexisNexis established its analytic solutions with a global presence, how it has overcome unique geographical challenges, and lessons learned that continue to inform and improve their data science efforts.

The discussion topics and examples will include standardized analytic framework, data dogmatism, scaling solutions, managing market size, developing solutions with no defined target or data, attribute and model monitoring, cloud variability, agility, and data governance across geographies.

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