Hands-On Introduction to LSTMs in Keras/TensorFlow

Abstract: This is a very hands on introduction to LSTMs in Keras and TensorFlow. We will build a language classifier, generator and a translating sequence to sequence model. We will talk about debugging models and explore various related architectures like GRUs, Bidirectional LSTMs, etc. to see how well they work.

Bio: Stacey Svetlichnaya is deep learning engineer at Weights & Biases in San Francisco, CA, helping develop effective tools and patterns for deep learning. Previously a senior research engineer with Yahoo Vision & Machine Learning, working on image aesthetic quality and style classification, object recognition, photo caption generation, and emoji modeling. She has worked extensively on Flickr image search and data pipelines, as well as automating content discovery and recommendation. Prior to Flickr, she helped build a visual similarity search engine with LookFlow, which Yahoo acquired in 2013. Stacey holds a BS ‘11 and MS ’12 in Symbolic Systems from Stanford University.