Health Management Hub

Abstract: The Health Management Hub is a personal health management assistant based on artificial intelligence and blockchain. With artificial intelligence and big data, the Health Management Hub provides user health monitoring and alerting capabilities, while the blockchain guarantees the privacy and traceability of user data, running tokens on the blockchain to motivate users to contribute their own data. Blockchain communication gives the chain the ability to share health data, cases and health status.
Health insurance companies create their own smart contracts on the blockchain. With the artificial intelligence in the contracts, insurance companies can automatically provide claims based on the user's health status and medical data.
The personal section of the Health Management Hub consists of four parts:
1. Data storage.
2. Artificial intelligence.
3. Smart contracts.
4. Interact on the chain.
The data storage module guarantees the legality and privacy of the data while storing the data, and also the data cannot be tampered with and deleted. At the same time, the user is allowed to save his own health plan and ensure the intellectual property of the health plan, and the token incentive issued on the chain. Users contribute their own data and health plans. Users are also allowed to use tokens to purchase other people's health plans.
The artificial intelligence module is responsible for personal health management, and the AI ​​model of training under a large amount of shared data, combined with the private data of individual users, the artificial intelligence module can timely alert the user's health status and give effective suggestions.
The smart contract module is provided by the health insurance company. According to the health products and personal health data purchased by the user, the smart contract automatically gives the user financial support.
The on-chain interaction module allows users to ask for help on the chain, exchange health plans or component health clusters.

Bio: Zhitao Wang is a data scientist from InsightZen. He is responsible for model design and development work related to health data. He believes that artificial intelligence can make a great contribution to human health issues.