Integrating Data Science Into Commercial Pharma: The good, The Bad, and The Validated

Abstract: One of the most difficult industries for data science to take hold and gain effectiveness is the world of commercial pharma/biotech. Due to regulation of FDA, lack of identifiable patient data, and one of the last industries that uses a “traveling salesperson” approach, data science is still taking hold in this industry. This talk will talk in depth about steps that companies in this space can take to make the most out of their data science teams and out of their data in general. These steps will include standardizing internal data, utilizing 3rd party data in unique methodologies, bearing the course during marketing and sales initiatives, and creating validation methods.
We will dive into these issues through the context of how to bring the industry from one of “old school” sales and marketing techniques into one where machine learning can make tangible top and bottom line impacts. Through this lens we will identify areas of opportunity that should first be tackled by any organization and those areas which are often pitfalls (even though they may seem lucrative). Additionally, an ideal team make-up and time line will be outlined so that these companies can level-set where they are and where they can improve their data science processes.

Bio: Adam Jenkins is a Data Science Lead at Biogen, where he works on optimizing commercial outcomes through marketing, patient outreach and field force infrastructure utilizing data science and predictive analytics. Biogen is a leader in the treatment and research of neurological diseases for 40 years. Prior to being commercial lead, Adam was part of their Digital Health team where he worked on next generation application of wearable and neurological tests. Holding a PhD in genomics, he also teaches management skills for data science and big data initiatives at Boston College.