Secrets to building a top trending Alexa skill

Abstract: Throughout the history of computing, humans had to interact with machines in an abstract and complex ways starting with punch cards to machine code to command line to graphic user interfaces. Machines still force us to communicate with them on their own terms. However with commercialization of Voice Enabled Devices like Amazon Echo, finally time has come where we are able to communicate with machines in a more natural way using our voice.Voice as an interface for communication with devices is going to very prevalent in the coming years. This workshop focuses on jumpstarting developers who are curious about building skills on Amazon Alexa. Topics like Conversational UX, Interaction Schema, Entity Resolution, Dialog Management, Command Line Utilities for Skill Management and Alexa Skills Kit SDK. By the end of the workshop, attendees will walk out with a fully functional Alexa skill that they can test on the simulator of deploy to their Amazon Echo devices.

Bio: Coming soon