The Challenge of Running Machine Learning on Consumer Products

Abstract: Michael Halloran, Vice President of Software Engineering at iRobot, will discuss how machine learning is impacting the consumer robotics market and the benefits it will provide to products moving forward. He will demonstrate how machine learning will be a foundational technology to improve the intelligence of consumer robotics, providing increased value to consumers. There have been many advancements in machine learning for the self-driving automotive industry. Michael will explore the similarities between this industry and the consumer robotics space, and discuss how the capabilities that machine learning affords are becoming more viable for the lower-cost consumer product market. Michael will also touch on industry challenges, opportunities, and advancements in cloud-based learning.

Bio: Michael Halloran is Vice President of Software Engineering at iRobot. He joined iRobot in 2003 and helped grow the software department from a team of less than 10 to more than 250. Michael received his undergraduate degree from Carnegie Mellon and has a master’s degree in machine learning from Georgia Tech. At iRobot, he is pushing the next frontier of robotic intelligence by leveraging increased software capabilities, machine learning, and data science to enable consumer robotics to help people do more in their daily lives.