Making Data Science: AIG, Amazon, Albertsons

Abstract: Developing an internal data science capability requires a cultural shift, a strategic mapping process thataligns with existing business objectives, a technical infrastructure that can host new processes, and an organizational structure that can alter business practice to create measurable impact on business functions. This workshop will take you through ways to consider the vast opportunities for data science to identify and prioritize what will add the most value to your organization, and then budget and hire into commitments. Learn the most effective ways to establish data science objectives from a business perspective including recruiting, retention, goaling, and improving business.

Bio: Haftan Eckholdt, PhD. is Chief Data Science Office at Plated. His career began with research professorships in Neuroscience, Neurology, and Psychiatry followed by industrial research appointments at companies like Amazon and AIG. He holds graduate degrees in Biostatistics and Developmental Psychology from Columbia and Cornell Universities. In his spare time he thinks about things like chess and cooking and cross country skiing and jogging and reading. When things get really really busy, he actually plays chess and cooks delicious meals and jogs a lot. Born and raised in Baltimore, Haftan has been a resident of Kings County, New York since the late 1900’s.