Data Storytelling: The Essential Data Science Skill

Abstract: Forbes Magazine calls ""data communicators"" the most essential part of the modern data team. But how do we become better data communicators? How do we identify the most important insights in our business data and communicate them in a compelling way?

This talk will cover four essential keys to data storytelling. The talk will also cover:

* Using color to focus attention in data stories
* Chart selection and design
* Common chart design errors
* The Gestalt principals of visual perception and how they can be used to tell better stories with data

Bio: Isaac is an Australian data scientist, company founder and TEDx speaker who lives, breathes and dreams data. Isaac travels the world teaching data visualization skills and in 2017, his "Art of Data Storytelling" speaking tour saw him visit Asia, North America, Europe and Australia. A passionate data science educator, Isaac previously lectured in analytics and statistical theory at the Australian National University. He has delivered his Data Storytelling course on site to forward thinking companies including Cisco, AIG and JPMorgan Chase. Isaac was a featured data visualization keynote presenter at the 2017 Strata Data Conference and makes regular appearances at data conferences.