Transition Your Career To Data Science

Abstract: Data science may sound exciting, but how do you actually get your first job as a data scientist? Whether you’re currently a student or making a mid-career change, figuring out how to get started in a career in data science can feel daunting. Compounding the fact that “data science” is still a relatively broadly-defined term, there are an overwhelming number of resources available for learning technical skills that may or may not be relevant and can be difficult to prioritize. In this talk, we’ll lay out some of the possible ways to transition to a career in data science. We’ll help you define the target outcome by discussing the different flavors of data science roles that exist. Then we’ll work backwards and discuss the concrete things you can do to get to that goal.

Bio: David is a Data Science Program Director at Insight Data Science, an education startup headquartered in San Francisco. Insight runs 7-week fellowship programs that provide project-based training and an industry work environment to those transitioning into careers in data roles. Before joining Insight, David was co-founder and CTO of an advanced materials startup. He has a PhD in Chemical Engineering from MIT.