Why I Like Notebooks (A Response to Joel Grus’ talk “Why I Don’t Like Notebooks”)

Abstract: Joel Grus gave a very informative and entertaining talk at this year’s Jupytercon, called “Why I Don’t Like Notebooks.” I applaud Joel for bringing some important issues to the community and discussing how we can improve our data science practices.

As the creator of the Apache Zeppelin notebook, I have my own perspective on this subject … which is that I like notebooks!

Join me for a discussion about the following:

- Where notebooks play well, and where they do not.

- Best practices of using notebooks for “data” and “collaboration”

- How to apply software engineering best practices to notebooks

Bio: Moonsoo Lee is the creator of Apache Zeppelin, with more than 300,000 users worldwide who have created more than 6 million notebooks. Moon is also the co-founder and CTO of Zepl, the data science platform that provides enterprise grade support for Zeppelin and Jupyter notebooks.